2008 Terminal Apron & Taxiway Improvements - Bellingham International Airport

Project Summary

The project included significant upgrades to Bellingham International Airport’s aircraft apron, taxiway and facilities providing infrastructure to support larger commercial jets and future growth at the airport.

Keys to Success:

The IMCO project team worked closely with Port and airport officials to minimize impacts on daily operations. Work hours were adjusted on a daily basis to accommodate commercial jet traffic, including runway work, which was restricted to between midnight and 5 am to accommodate runway shutdowns.

IMCO Self-Performed Scopes of Work:

  • Reconstructing taxiways Echo and Charlie
  • Installing a new deicing storage tank, pumps and collection system
  • Pavement repairs to approximately 1,750 feet of runway by crack filling, pavement grind and overlay and full depth reconstruction
  • Reconstruction and expansion of the existing asphalt terminal apron with portland cement concrete pavement



Bellingham, WA


Port of Bellingham

Contract Amount

$6.3 Million


W & H Pacific


July 2008 - January 2009

Project Highlights

Port of Bellingham personnel were extremely impressed with the quality and efficiency of IMCO crews. The contract remained open for two years to allow the port to hire IMCO crews to perform emergency maintenance services. All runway and taxiway closures were completed and opened for airport operations on or ahead of schedule. IMCO avoided severe penalties and fines for time overruns and added shutdowns. The project was completed on an aggressive seven-month schedule requiring careful coordination and management of subcontractors, suppliers, major construction activities and coordination with day-to-day airport activity.