Project Summary

IMCO is proud to provide design-build services for this world-class company on this industrial infrastructure contract. The project provided new structural, architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems to support the installation of a new Multiple Opening Press (MOP). The logistics of this project required very careful coordination. Construction took place in the center of a one million square foot manufacturing building with crews working double shifts beside the building management office. IMCO self-performed 50% of the work on the project, including:

  • Extensive demolition, excavation, and concrete construction of foundations and demolition and replacement of 1,200 square feet of concrete slabs.
  • Demolition of existing and installation of new structural steel framing and bracing for revisions to a mezzanine to provide space for new equipment installation.
  • Concrete slab removal and replacement and excavation and backfill for new plumbing.
  • Removal of existing and installation of a new cooling tower weighing 17,000 lbs. utilizing a heavy lift helicopter.
  • Structural steel installation for new monorail hoist, utility support frame, and new cooling tower.



Everett, WA


Boeing Company

Contract Amount



Harris Group


December 2012 - December 2013

Project Highlights

Removal and installation of the cooling towers by helicopter involved extensive coordination with Boeing and required the shutdown of nearly the entire building to meet FAA safety requirements.