Boeing 45-08 Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Summary

IMCO is proud to provide construction services to the Boeing Company. This wastewater treatment plant project, at a Boeing manufacturing building near Paine Field Airport, is the first contract IMCO performed for Boeing. Boeing chose to utilize state-of-the-art membrane filtration technology to produce the cleanest industrial effluent possible. The membrane filtration system is supported by chemical pretreatment systems and solids removal equipment.

IMCO crews constructed the new wastewater treatment plant to process the industrial water produced from the Boeing Everett plant operations. The project included installation of two 65,000-gallon double containment steel storage tanks to almost double the capacity of the existing storage systems. The plant is automated and can be controlled and monitored from a single plant operator’s station.



Everett, WA


Boeing Company

Contract Amount



URS Corporation


August 2011 - 2012