Harris Avenue Shipyard Cleanup

Project Summary

MCO was awarded this contract in March 2017 to dredge and make infrastructure improvements around the Fairhaven Shipyard property near the Bellingham Cruise Terminal on Harris Avenue in Bellingham, Washington.

About half of the cleanup project is being funded through the Model Toxics Control Act, which is funded through a tax on hazardous substances, including oil. The project will take two years to complete because cleanup and construction work will stop at different times of the year in order to protect marine life in the area.

Crews will be working in the middle of a working shipyard to remove a 10,000-square-foot building that sits over the water, remove contaminated sediment, and replace the wooden portion of the pier with concrete. Once completed, the new shipyard pier will have steel pilings and a concrete deck, matching the section of the pier that was constructed in the 1990's. 



Bellingham, WA


Port of Bellingam

Contract Amount

$11.5 Million



Anticipated Completion

May 2019