Project Summary

Rio Tinto continues to increase IMCO's scope of work, a testament to the excellent work that the IMCO Holden crew has done and continues to do in this remote jobsite location.

IMCO is performing upgrades at the Holden Mine site and in Holden Village for Rio Tinto. IMCO built a pedestrian bridge over Railroad Creek at Holden Village. Focus then shifted to a design build agreement for an additional pedestrian bridge over Railroad Creek and three new buildings at Holden Village. The project includes IMCO crews constructing a lumber house, storage facility, and fueling station. Crews will be growing to handle this task, which will lead to crews working double shifts. The project also includes the construction of a hydroelectric building, demolition of an existing storage building, and the addition of basketball courts in Holden Village.




Holden Mine, WA (near Holden Village)


Rio Tinto


May 2016 - November 2017