BP Maintenance Facility Relocation

Project Summary

The BP Maintenance Facility Relocation project was a project that aimed to provide better efficiency and safety and reduce congestion at the Cherry Point Refinery in Ferndale, Washington. The project essentially combined and relocated the existing general shop, machine shop and storage area into two new buildings on the northeast side of the property.  

IMCO performed all earthwork and utilities and helped coordinate complex construction activities around the operating refinery.  Site grading covered nearly 22 acres and was stripped and graded with imported fill, including structural fill, crushed surfacing base course, crushed surfacing top course, and pipe bedding. IMCO excavated three ponds; one received a high-density polyethylene liner.  

Underground utilities included sanitary sewer, storm drain and oily water separation system with pump station, water services (potable and non-potable) and firewater distribution lines. Utilities also included excavation and backfill for natural gas and excavation and backfill for underground electrical conduit.

IMCO worked closely with BP to help mitigate safety and congestion issues. The project team successfully coordinated a heavy volume of haul truck traffic, often as high as 20 trucks operating at one time. Traffic had to be coordinated between shift changes to lower the safety risk, minimize the impact on the 2,500 refinery employees and increase efficiency.  Before and during construction, IMCO designed and re-designed truck routes to ensure low impact on the refinery operations and the public.

Project Highlights:

  • IMCO personnel successfully adhered to strict safety polices established by BP.
  • Over 100,000 tons of structural fill, nearly 30,000 tons of crushed surfacing base course and over 11,000 tons of crushed surfacing top course were imported.
  • Over 150,000 truck cubic yards of excavated material were exported.



Ferndale, WA


BP Cherry Point Refinery

Contract Amount

$4 Million


August 2009 - December 2009

Project Highlights

IMCO modeling and GPS capabilities were a great asset to this project. The project team suggested design changes to the Owner prior to construction in order to minimize costly conflicts in the field.