Port of Bellingham C Street Terminal Phase 1

Project Summary

IMCO worked for the Port of Bellingham on this project located in the middle of their active, industrial waterfront. Phase 1 was part of the larger C Street Terminal Upgrade project. IMCO milled the existing road, removed contaminated material, installed new storm, sewer, water, etc., and rebuilt the street with concrete paving. The project involved construction and installation of large, deep vaults alongside the existing 5-foot diameter outfall.

The scope of work included the replacement of approximately 400 lineal feet, representing 2700 square yards of concrete and asphalt pavement, installation of 800 lineal feet of storm drainage piping, four wet-vaults/filter cartridge enhanced stormwater treatment systems, 900 lineal feet of 12-inch ductile iron water main to replace an existing main, and 270 lineal feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer main and appurtenances.



Bellingham, WA


Port of Bellingham

Contract Amount

$2 Million


Wilson Engineering & Surveying


July 2016 - December 2016

Project Highlights

Extensive coordination with utility companies and the Port of Bellingham were crucial to the success of this project. The connectivity of the utilities were not to be disrupted during construction and the site was an interim action clean-up site. The contaminated material was stockpiled and tested before it was either reused or exported.