Route 2 Culverts & Slide Repair

Project Summary

The project reconstructed three damaged culverts along Route 2, a major island roadway, in the Guam villages of Agat and Umatac.  The culverts helped prevent further erosion.
Work also included construction of a concrete wall along a steep rock cut on Route 2 near Cetti Bay.  Due to extreme weather conditions, traffic was temporarily shut down and then restricted to one lane while crews worked 24-hours shifts to repair the roadway.
The heavy rainfall caused the road to erode an additional 20 feet.  IMCO was awarded the project after the original general contractor defaulted and the project was taken over by the bonding agency and the Guam Department of Public Works. IMCO immediately took action and repaired the damage caused by unforeseen rain and worked quickly to get the road back to working order.



Agat & Umatac, Guam


Government of Guam, Department of Public Works

Contract Amount

$3.8 Million


Parsons Transportation

Construction Manager

DCA Guam


June 2011 - January 2012

Project Highlights

IMCO worked closely with the project team, including the client and engineer, to modify design to fit field conditions. Crews worked through periods of 13 inches of rain a week during construction.