Tiyan Parkway, Phase 1

Project Summary

Phase 1 of the Tiyan Parkway project constructed a new alignment to connect Route 8 (Purple Heart Highway) near the San Jose Market in Maite to Sunset Boulevard near the former GPD headquarters. The new roadway replaced the existing Central Avenue that intersects with Route 8 near the Mobil Station. Central Avenue's closure occurred in 2015 so that the newly extended airport runway could be placed into operation.

The project included 1,940 linear feet of a new five lane roadway and another 2,920 linear feet of two-lane roadway which can expand to a full five lanes in the future. The ultimate five-lane configuration begins at the Route 8 intersection, with the roadway tapering to a two-lane connection to the existing Sunset Boulevard near the former GPD headquarters. Phase 2 extended the full five-lane section to a new intersection with Route 10A (Chalan Pasajeros) across from the entrance to Home Depot.

Traffic impacts were limited to the proposed tie-in locations at the new Route 8 intersection (near San Jose Market), the connection at Sunset Boulevard (adjacent to the former GPD Headquarters), and a new intersection with Punzalan Street that serves the former Naval Officer housing area. The majority of construction occurred on the new alignment with fewer impacts to existing motorists than are experienced for most roadway projects.



Tiyan, Guam


Guam Department of Public Works

Contract Amount

$7.3 Million


April 2014 - July 2015

Anticipated Completion

March 2015

Project Highlights

Construction of Tiyan Parkway Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2015. This project is 100% funded by the Federal Highway Administration.