W 22 E Siphon Replacement

Project Summary

The W 22 E Siphon Replacement project included the demolition of an existing 42-inch concrete reinforced siphon pipe and the replacement of the pipe with a 42-inch HDPE siphon pipe. 

The contract also included the demolition of the existing siphon inlet and outlet structures and the construction of new cast-in-place concrete inlet and outlet structures.  Restoration of a county road, a gravel access road and an agricultural field were also included in the contract.

Points of Interest:

  • The contract specifications required completion of the project during the shutdown of the irrigation canal feeding the siphon

  • Shutdown began on October 15th and IMCO had until April 15th to complete the project

  • The siphon fed approximately 15,000 acres of farmland in the Columbia Basin



Quincy, WA


Quincy Columbia Irrigation District

Contract Amount



Kennedy Jenks Consultants, Inc.


September 2004 - February 2005