The IMCO Code

Living out our corporate values, we are committed to:


We act with consideration toward other employees, clients, partners, stakeholders, and the environment. We treat other individuals as valuable contributors. 


We strive to understand and follow the standards outlined within imco’s policies and procedures, by our contracts, and by the governing bodies where we conduct business. We are accountable to company, legal, and contractual standards. We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, corruption, or retaliation.

Safe & Healthy Working Environments

We proactively protect our environment and the health and safety of all employees, partners, clients, and the public. 

Diversity & Inclusion

We welcome people from diverse cultures, races, and backgrounds. We provide a culture of respect and equal employment opportunity without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, pregnancy, or veteran status.


We foster strong teamwork to find innovative solutions. We do not tolerate bullying, disrespectful behavior or comments, or imagery that degrades, dehumanizes, or belittles any person or groups of people, as these things stifle collaboration and lack integrity. 


We care for and protect imco’s physical assets, reputation, intellectual property, and resources, including time and talent. We will be conscientious and responsible stewards of company resources, the environment, and of our clients’ trust and resources.


We are honest and communicate proactively in responding to changes, problems, and concerns. We are open to questions and internal and external reviews as a means to continuous improvement.