Our People Make the Difference

IMCO Construction is made up of a loyal team of professionals committed to safety, efficiency, and building relationships. collage of people working in construction with four men, on woman in cab, on woman smiling and group of workers lined up in front of red truck

IMCO is a family-owned business with world-class sophistication and a dedicated group of office and field personnel who care about one another, their clients, and their communities. This team acts with integrity and excellence and takes great pride in their work, building inspiring and complex projects with strong teamwork. 


IMCO Construction Founders Patti and Frank Imhof

Frank & Patti Imhof

Board Co-chairs

Frank and Patti Imhof, are the founding owners of IMCO. Frank has a relentless passion for construction. Patti is a passionate community leader and visionary. Their core values permeate to all aspects of the IMCO organizations. Patti and Frank each serve on corporate and non-profit boards and continue to provide vision and board of advisory leadership for IMCO. 


Ashley Kimberley standing in natural light in office, wearing emrald green blouse.

Ashley Kimberley

Executive Vice President

Ashley Kimberley drives strategy, culture, and collaboration for strategic initiatives. She manages the IMCO Construction brand, corporate identity, and communications to reflect the company's core values and strengths. Ashley is a strategic problem solver with high standards for professionalism, efficiency, customer service, and transparency. Ashley is a member of IMCO's advisory board and brings a creative, collaborative approach to challenges and opportunities. 

Tyler Kimberley, wearing white shirt and navy blazer, standing with arms crossed with natural sunlight

Tyler Kimberley

CEO & President

Tyler Kimberley leads a diverse group of talent and technical expertise at IMCO. He is a visionary, always striving for excellence. Tyler has high expectations of his team and himself, he listens to understand and partners with clients to meet their specific needs. Tyler generates trust and motivation through transparency and collaborative problem solving. He has been instrumental in leading IMCO initiatives to become an industry leader in quality and service. He has a global perspective and understanding of current market trends and industry challenges and standards.

Senior Leadership Team

Jim Cooper standing in natural sunlight in office building, wearing striped shirt


Director of Finance

Jim manages the financial operations at IMCO. He leads IMCO’s accounting team with humor, compassion, and honesty. His leadership qualities make him approachable and build a sense of teamwork. Jim has a high regard for structure and accountability, tempered with flexibility and understanding. This means he strives for controls and systems that are helpful, efficient, and benefit the entire team. Jim’s approach draws from his experience working with a variety of heavy civil contractors and within various corporate ownership structures.


Ken Domorod portrait

Ken Domorod

Director of Safety

Ken leads with clear and consistent expectations and truly believes in holding people to high standards while providing the resources needed for success. Under Ken’s leadership, IMCO has implemented the IMPACT Safety Program with an emphasis on transparency and leading indicator reporting. Ken leads a team of safety professionals and works with clients and project management teams to identify and efficiently manage risk. Ken has a background in emergency response as an EMT, Firefighter, and hazardous material response professional. He is certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals as a Construction Health and Safety Technician, Occupational Health and Safety Technician, and EHS Trainer. He is certified by the Institute of Hazardous Material Management as a Hazardous Materials Practitioner.


CJ Handforth photo

CJ Handforth

Operations Manager

CJ is highly experienced in managing and scheduling successful transportation and infrastructure projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. CJ is known by his team for his ability to meticulously manage complex projects with complicated sequencing. He establishes excellent working relationships with clients and engineers, creating value for project stakeholders and owners through partnering. His technical understanding allows him to effectively communicate and develop accurate schedules. CJ’s attitude fosters a positive work environment even when facing great challenges. CJ is an expert at managing teams, planning, and sequencing complex scopes of transportation, utility, and water/wastewater construction. 

Leah Hanson

Leah Hanson

Director of Human Resources

Leah Hanson is a proactive and strategic leader. Leah is responsive to employees and is quick to face challenges with great intuition, courage, and compassion. She is accessible, and committed to supporting employees throughout their careers. Leah implements useful and efficient processes and policy to promote and maintain the success and well-being of employees. Leah manages recruitment, employee benefits, employment training, onboarding, and personnel development processes to support growth. Leah has a positive approach to dealing with complex issues. 

Brett Himes, IMCO Construction operations manager

Brett Himes

Operations Manager

Brett is a strong collaborator and a relational leader who helps foster honest and productive teamwork. His success ranges from estimating, to field operations, to personnel development. Brett brings ingenuity to problem solving to provide high-value solutions. Brett oversees IMCO's operations in southern Idaho and has led multi-faceted teams through sensitive underground utility, hydro, water/wastewater treatment, and transportation projects with complex geotechnical conditions. His experience includes diverse geography from remote mountain regions to urban water front terminals, developing and growing new teams, and collaborating in public and private sectors. 

Fred Simmons photo

Fred Simmons

Operations Manager

Fred Simmons is an integral part of IMCO’s operations team, overseeing industrial, hydro, and water/wastewater projects throughout eastern Washington, northern Idaho, and Montana. Fred specializes in power generation, industrial transportation, and water/wastewater construction. Fred has an extensive background managing complex projects at active industrial facilities. He pays acute attention to detail to ensure quality, safety, and client satisfaction. Fred is meticulous in leading project management teams with honesty and develops well-trained and talented people. Fred facilitates positive subcontractor and client relations and generates innovative solutions for clients.