Energy Storage Site Contract

Battery Storage Project, IMCO Installs 520 Massive Batteries

The IMCO team at the battery storage site completed the original battery storage contract for this location, which included substantial site and concrete work and the installation of 520 batteries, each weighing 20,000 pounds!

These batteries are used to store excess power at the dam facility for use during high-demands. The client has awarded IMCO an additional energy storage contract at the same location. The new work includes concrete foundations for placing 240 additional 20,000-pound batteries.

The IMCO team implemented a recovery schedule following a large winter storm that pushed the schedule 10 days. The recovery schedule was activated, and the crew is working hard to make up the delay. The additional 12 foundations will be complete and ready to receive batteries by March 17th. This project team is planning commissioning in mid-June.

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