IMCO's Battery Storage Construction Expands

Supporting Clients in Achieving Clean Energy Goals

IMCO Construction is one of the region’s leading battery storage facility contractors, supporting clients in achieving their clean energy goals. This scope of work is new to the Northwest and clients have trusted IMCO to problem-solve the needs of this unique and often complex work, power storage construction, and logistics. IMCO Construction is unique, bringing the capability to perform all major scopes of work for battery storage contracts, including site preparation, infrastructure, concrete placement, and setting battery equipment.

Two battery storage facilities in southern Idaho have included civil site development, surveying, erosion and sediment control, noise and dust abatement, and foundation pad excavation and backfill. IMCO crews poured the concrete and set the equipment. The client has plans to build 1,700 megawatts of battery storage by 2040, expecting to provide 100% clean energy by 2045. These additions will support their transition away from coalfired plants.