Boeing Stormwater Treatment Construction

Project Summary

IMCO was contracted by the Boeing Company to replace the Everett manufacturing facility’s primary stormwater treatment system in response to the Department of Ecology’s most recent discharge standards requiring a higher level of treatment before discharging to the adjacent waterway.

IMCO was hired to work with the design firm to provide preconstruction services and support overall design efforts from 30 to 100% completion. Construction includes mass excavation of the existing facility, steep slope stabilization, reconfiguration of the associated storm piping coming from the 700-acre Boeing site, and reconstruction of the filter system, underdrain and disbursement piping. 



Everett, Washington


Boeing Company

Contract Amount

20 million


April 2021 - December 2022

Project Highlights

The reconstruction of the filter system required a massive import/export operation with a combined total of 90,000 tons of material being hauled.