City of Bellingham Roeder Lift Station

Project Summary

This project provides improvements to the existing lift station and force main pipes to provide adequate pumping capacity to facilitate future sewage conveyance at the Roeder Lift Station. The improvements consist of construction of a new sanitary sewer lift station, associated structures, storm sewer, gravity sanitary sewer, force main sanitary sewer, water main, site and street restoration, erosion control, traffic control, and demolition of portions of the existing lift station. 

To execute this contract, IMCO crews installed a sheet pile wall next to the railway and a cell to protect the 30-foot-deep structure. The poured-concrete building walls are 40 inches thick. Crews are working on a tight site along a busy Bellingham waterfront roadway, making traffic control critical. 



Bellingham, WA


City of Bellingham

Contract Amount

$17.5 million


September 2023 - present

Anticipated Completion

Early 2026

Project Highlights

At the end of the project the City will have an improved sewer transport system and a lift station with a capacity of 18 million gallons per day.