City of Everett Water Filter Plant Upgrades Progressive Design-Build

Project Summary

The City of Everett owns and operates a water filter plant and regional water distribution system that serves more than 675,000 customers daily. The water filter plant was originally constructed in 1983 and now has aging infrastructure elements in need of replacement and upgrade. IMCO teamed with engineering firm Kennedy Jenks and was selected for this progressive design-build project for the City of Everett. The project team will provide fluoride tank and building improvements, aluminum and polymer tank replacement, flocculation basin improvements, and east clearwell gate improvements.  

The project team began the design phase in Spring 2022 with construction taking place in 2023 and project completion in 2025. 



Sultan, Washington


City of Everett

Contract Amount

$2.7 Million


Kennedy Jenks


May 2022 - 2025

Project Highlights

Thirty years ago, IMCO made upgrades at this same plant.