Foss Maritime & Bulkhead Repairs

Project Summary

In February 2021 the existing bulkhead wall at the Foss Maritime shipyard in Seattle began deflecting into the ship canal. The uplands behind the wall were excavated and large concrete blocks were used to hold the wall back to stabilize it. In order to restore the upland utility, the IMCO project team excavated for placement of the tie-back system for the existing bulkhead wall. The subcontractor, DBM, installed micro-piles to support the new mooring bollards. Additional phases of work include placement of electrical lines and underground installation of the new water and air lines. 

Under a second contract, Foss Maritime also expanded their stormwater detention system. IMCO performed the installation of a new pile-supported above-grade bolt-up steel tank. 



Seattle, WA


Foss Maritime Company

Contract Amount

$5 million (combined)


July 2022 - March 2023