Hemingway Energy Storage Project

Project Summary

IMCO was awarded the Hemingway Energy Storage contract to construct the first utility-scale battery storage facility in the state of Idaho. This project is on a two-acre site south of Boise and included site preparation, underground utilities, and large concrete pads to house 520 20,000-pound batteries. 

The Hemingway team completed the original battery storage contract for this location and has been awarded an additional contract at the same location. The new work includes concrete foundations for placing 240 additional 20,000-pound batteries.

The goal of this facility is to meet the rapidly growing demand in Treasure Valley and align with the client's vision to produce 100% clean energy by 2045. 



Melba, Idaho



Contract Amount



June 2022 - June 2024

Anticipated Completion

June 30, 2024

Project Highlights

A 40-megawatt battery can power more than 13,000 homes for four hours during peak use, more when demand is lower. This project will provide 80 megawatts of power upon completion.