Orchard Combat Training Center Rail Addition

Project Summary

The Orchard Combat Training Center is a 143,000-acre training center located 18 miles south of Boise within the boundaries of the Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. The site is used for training by the Idaho National Guard and Army Reserve.

IMCO is constructing seven new rail spurs, new rail siding, a marshalling area, and supporting facilities for the loading and unloading of military equipment and supplies at the Orchard Combat Training Center. Crews are also installing a water line and complete storm water system, pouring 25,000 cubic yards of concrete, and moving 1.2 million tons of imported aggregate materials.

Once completed, this project will provide the Orchard Combat Training Center personnel with a solution for loading and unloading military equipment and supplies around 60 acres of the site.



Boise, Idaho


Idaho Military Division

Contract Amount

$28 million

Anticipated Completion

March 2022

Project Highlights

IMCO is strategically planning and performing work with the environmental responsibility of safeguarding the Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area and protecting client assets while performing work within an active military training facility.