Project Summary

The Priest Rapids Fall Chinook Hatchery Renovation project provided extensive upgrades to an existing hatchery located adjacent to Priest Rapids Dam in Mattawa, Washington. The objective of the project was to renovate and restore the existing Priest Rapids Hatchery for increased mitigation and improve reliability and efforts associated with operation, maintenance, and monitoring of fish rearing activities. 

Careful planning and coordination by IMCO’s management team was critical to the project’s success and adherence to the sensitive time windows of the fish rearing process. Work involved placement of over 6,000 cubic yards of structural concrete to complete critical water retaining hatchery structures.  Over six miles of direct bury conveyance pipeline were installed to support hatchery operations.  The 14,000-square-foot pre-fabricated incubation/lab building made up the heart of the facility and provided complex operating systems, which aided in the development of juvenile Chinook salmon. 



Mattawa, WA


Grant County PUD

Contract Amount

$15.7 Million


Jacobs Engineering


April 2012 - January 2014

Project Highlights

IMCO crews and management worked tirelessly to meet all major construction milestones, critical to operation of the fish hatchery.